Parent – Feedback Annual Sport Event

Congratulations to all the organisers and teachers who have put in so much effort right from planning to execution. The concept of the picnic mania race was amazing and beautifully aligned making the kids very excited all through their circuit.
Kim Hola
(Parent – Jr. Kg)

The annual sport day 2018-19 was a very well-planned event of the year. Congratulations to the entire team at Rose Manor International School. It was a joy to see the entire Rose Manor International School students put in their best effort.
Omika Cherala
Parent – Executive PTA Member

The sport day event was spectacular, and it was a fantastic day which was engaged in drills, relays, races etc. It was a joy to see the entire Rose Manor International School students work as a team. It was good to have a sport day event organized exclusively for the International section.
Simmi Rodrigues
Parent (Grade 4)

The annual sport event 2018-19 was well organized and presented. Kids did a very good job and everybody put in a lot of time and effort into it. It was nice to see kids enjoying the spirit of competition in a healthy manner.
Charmaine Lobo
Parent (Grade 3 and Grade 5)

The Sports event at RMIS exceeded my expectations. Everything was planned so well and went as per schedule. The efforts put in by the teachers & students, showed, the involvement of the On-Track team which was well appreciated. Looking forward to many more school events in the future.
Saritha Shankar
Parent (Sr. kg and Grade 3)

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