For improving the overall personality and confidence of your child, we offer Certified Courses in Dance by Shiamak Davar’s Institute for Performing Arts, and Certified Courses in Drama by Odil. Students who have a passion for music have the option of learning from our school music teacher.

For improving the overall personality and confidence of your child, we offer the following programmes:


Speech & Drama by Mrs. Odil Medeira

Mrs. Odil Medeira has been training children in speech and dramatics for the last 35 years. Her teaching methods are extremely creative and innovative. Her authored books are being taught in various schools, and she encourages young children in Creative Writing. She is currently associated with Campion School, Maneckji Cooper School, Bai Avabai Petit Girls High School – Bandra, Learners Academy – Bandra and Gamadia Girls School.


Shiamak Dance Education

For providing quality dance training and increase self confidence of the children, we will be introducing SHIAMAK Dance Education from the academic year 2019-2020. The syllabus has been specially designed by Dr. Shiamak Davar. Children will be trained in various dance styles by Shiamak Davar’s expert faculty. By learning to dance, children will be able to express themselves creatively and shed their inhibition. The classes will be held during school hours.

The four basic pillars of Shiamak Education are:

  1. Physical Development
  2. Emotional Maturity
  3. Social Awareness
  4. Cognitive Development

Students clearing each level will receive an “Autonomous Shiamak Group Certification”.

Music by Dylis Nogar

Dylis Nogar started as a singing teacher at St. Joseph Convent. Music is her hobby and passion and she has performed at many concerts and trained children for singing competitions.

Through singing, the child develops emotionally and increases learning concentration. They will be able to express their emotions and sharpen their ability to communicate through coordinated tongue and lip movement.


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