Sports Education teaches students how to maintain physical stamina and inculcates the habit of obedience. When sports education is combined with academic education, it results in overall development of the students. We offer 4 sports options to our students, out of which they can choose any 2. These options include Cricket, Football, Basketball and Throwball. Our annual Athletic Meet is an event early awaited by students as well as parents. This involves field events such as Short Put, Long Jump etc. and track events such as short distance and long distance races. The event also includes Karate demonstration, Pyramid Formation, Lezim Dance and School Band.

“Sports lubricates the body and mindand build a strong character.”

Our On Track Fitness programme is led by Joshua D’Abreo, an accomplished athlete and acclaimed sportsman. He has a strong background of a highly successful physical and mental professions and brings a wealth of experience for benefiting the students.
On Track Fitness programme consists of 2 important fitness areas:
Visual Motor Integration
Sports specific training that provides holistic Motor Skill Development.

For children from Kindergarten to Std. X, we offer a complete sports and fitness solution called Leapstart, which is India’s Premier Sports and Physical Education Programme. Designed to condition a healthy mind and body, it is a holistic programme designed for all age-groups.


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